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FVG048326 | RF
photographer:  Roberto Cassa
Indigenous camp on the edge of the jungle, belonging to an Ayoreos family, Paraguay, America
FVG048075 | RF
photographer:  Roberto Cassa
The chaotic traffic of Sorong, the gateway for the Raja Ampat archipelago, West Papua, Indonesia
FVG045777 | RF
photographer:  Francesca Parolin
Four San men dancing in a circle during a propitiatory rite in the bush savanna of the Kalahari Desert, Namibia. Africa
FVG043894 | RF
photographer:  Stefano Coltelli
View of Sandavágur village, Vagar island, Faroe islands, Denmark, Europe
FVG043825 | RF
photographer:  Stefano Coltelli
Seaport and the colourful houses of Boufr village, Sřrvágur, Faeroe Islands, Denmark, Europe
FVG029339 | RF
photographer:  Maria Fancello
Big Buddha Daibutsu or giant Buddha is is a bronze statue in the largest wooden structure in the world in the Todai-ji Temple. This sitting statue is more than 15 meters high and more than 250 tons weigh, Nara, Japan
FVG027122 | RF
photographer:  Federica Cattaruzzi
Sass De Putia at sunset photographed by Erbe Pass, Val Badia, Dolomites, Italy
FVG006423 | RM
photographer:  Diana Crestan
Gondolas on the Grand Canal or Canal Grande in Venice, Italy, Europe
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