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FVG048387 | RF
photographer:  Roberto Cassa
Gaucho in the Paraguayan Chaco. The Paraguayan Gaucho is a country man, a herdsman, Paraguay, America
FVG048075 | RF
photographer:  Roberto Cassa
The chaotic traffic of Sorong, the gateway for the Raja Ampat archipelago, West Papua, Indonesia
FVG040605 | RF
photographer:  Giovanni Squitieri
Four elefant with their Cornac in the water, Havelock Island, Adaman island, India
FVG038114 | RF
photographer:  Marco Ilari
Horse riding on the mountains of Monti Sibillini national park. In the background Castelluccio di Norcia and Monte Vettore. Umbria, Italy, Europe.
FVG035851 | RM
photographer:  Luciano Gaudenzio
Young boy riding bicycle in the autumnal forest, Cansiglio, Veneto, Italy
FVG034069 | RF
photographer:  Mauro Tronto
Horse ride to Castelluccio di Norcia, Sibillini National Park, Umbria, Italy, Europe
FVG027751 | RF
photographer:  Stefano Coltelli
On the road with Vespa in the Crete Senesi landscape, Orcia valley, Tuscany, Italy
FVG023257 | RF
photographer:  Luciano Gaudenzio
Mountain Bikes near Pralongià hut, Badia valley, South Tyrol, Dolomites, Italy
FVG020686 | RF
photographer:  Luciano Gaudenzio
Mountain bicycle trip to the barns of Dosoledo, Comelico Superiore, Italy
FVG020676 | RF
photographer:  Luciano Gaudenzio
Horse ride in Val Grande, Cadore, Italy
FVG019095 | RF
photographer:  Federica Cattaruzzi
A ''beerbike'' along the streets of Amsterdam
FVG019058 | RF
photographer:  Federica Cattaruzzi
The gallery of Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
FVG019053 | RF
photographer:  Federica Cattaruzzi
Woman on bicycle along the Keizersgracht, one of the main canals of the historical center of Amsterdam
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