Sunset above a typical nomadic mongolian tent, a
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catalogue:   FVG023365 photographer:   Martina Vanzo
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Sunset above a typical nomadic mongolian tent, a "ger"
Mongolia,Asia,Mongol Uls
Tv ,Tv
outdoornobodytentgeryurtalandscaperuralsteppemongolianmongoliawildlifenaturerural lifenomadicnomadfamilyhomehouseskygreengrassmountainasianmountainexpeditiongroupsomehillmeadowyurtculturenativetravelpasturetourismgrasslandmongolenvironmenttypicaltraditionalsummercamparchitecturewildernessremotesceneryroundlifestylewildlivingsolitarycampinghousingcampsitesunrisetwilightmorningbackgrounddawnduskcolorcoloredstormyovercastcloudycloudscloudscapedarksunsetsunshinestormdramaticcolors
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